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Self-guided learning

  • Amazing Oceans 3-5 Age years

    Amazing Oceans

    • Learn about a range of marine animals and the differences between them.
    • Understand that animals act in different ways and why.
    • Be able to talk about how an underwater environment is different from other environments.
    • Build self-confidence by trying new things.
    • Help develop communication and language skills through listening and speaking.
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  • Behaviour 6-11 Age years


    • Become familiar with a range of different marine animals.
    • Learn about the key life processes for living things.
    • Understand that different animals behave in different ways depending on their environment and requirements.
    • Be able to identify certain animals’ behaviour and explain it.
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  • Conservation 6-11 Age years


    • Become familiar with a range of different marine creatures and environments.
    • Learn about a variety of threats affectin different species.
    • Understand that human activity can have a big impact on marine creatures.
    • Find out what steps they can take to help protect vulnerable marine species and their habitats.
    • Find out about the work SEA LIFE is doing to protect the ocean and its creatures for future generations.
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  • Food chains & ecosystems 6-11 Age years

    Food chains & ecosystems

    • Understand the terms ‘food chain’ and ‘ecosystem’.
    • Learn that animals perform different roles in their specific ecosystems.
    • Understand that animals and plants need to remain balanced in their ecosystem and that
      imbalances can cause problems for all connected organisms.
    • Be able to identify the sequence of organisms in the rockpool food chain.
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  • Habitats & Adaptations 6-11 Age years

    Habitats & Adaptations

    • Become familiar with a range of different marine environments.
    • Understand that all living things require shelter and access to food in their habitat.
    • Be able to identify adaptations animals have developed to improve their ability to live in their habitat.
    • Learn that ecosystems are made up of interdependent animals living in the same environment.
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